Wednesday, July 29, 2015

29/07/2015 A visit to Piégut-Pluviers market in the Dordogne.

Maximum temperature, 22C, minimum 13C.   27 km.h N wind.   9mm of rain over night and early this morning, the garden is smiling again :-)


  1. Home made sushi - I'm most impressed, looks delicious. Hooray, rain for you! Your garden will like that and the lawn may green up a bit. Looks like a nice market. Have you been to the indoor/outdoor market in St Jean d'Angely? Or is that too far for you? It's a nice market (Wed and Sat I think) and St Jean is a nice little town with a good Indian restaurant called Popsy's - possibly the only good Indian in France. Worth a half day if you're looking for a change.

    1. Craig I often used to make sushi but have not made it for sometime as I could not buy the nori sheets here. The local supermarket has them at the moment but for how long is another matter!!
      We have been to St Jean d'Angely but not for ages. Market day is a waste for N as he cannot walk around much, (we went for a particular reason yesterday) and it is over 100 kms from us, a long way to go for a meal and not be able to have a drink!
      Rouillac is the best market in Charente on the 27th of each month, but even my feet can not stand walking there. It is huge and you are fighting a crowd the whole time at this time of the year. Not fun as far as I am concerned! Hope all is well Diane


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