Sunday, August 2, 2015

02/08/2010 Rubbish day for photos. It was too hot outside and nothing around. Nigel is on a cooking course for the week.

Maximum temperature 30C (sure it was much hotter!) Minimum 12C. 22 km/h SE wind.  Dry.


  1. It may be hot but you still got some nice photos! Be glad you are not enduring the heat and humidity in Florida.

    Stay cool.


  2. What fun to go on a cooking course. I sent Clive on a five day course in Deux Sevres when we lived in Cognac and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He also came away with quite a few nice recipes such as a lovely chocolate fondant. Stay cool!

  3. For "nothing around" you did well finding lovely photos. Good weather for salads.


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