Sunday, October 18, 2015

18/10/2015 A trip to St Sornin Wine festival. We were so impressed with the decorations that I will split the the photos over two days.

Maximum temperature 19C, minimum 4C. 24 km/h NE wind. Dry.
We visited here this morning...

The entrance...

and the decorations...

As above, there were thousands of these hand made flowers...

Art by Richard Riche...

As above...

Painted shutters...

and doors...

as above.

I'm forever blowing bubbles....

Roof deco.

The drum band was amazing.

So much enthusiasm.
Photos of the stands to follow tomorrow.


  1. We once (about ten years ago) had some very nice St Sornin rose wine. I wonder whether it is the same place?
    Interesting art work.

    1. Yes Gaynor it will be the same place. The cave is just down the road from the fete and they had a stand there as well. See my blog There is also a great little restaurant there as as well, a Les Routiier that does brilliant food very cheap. When you visit we will have to take you there. Diane xx

  2. They really know how to decorate. It looks like it would have been a fun day.

    1. Diane it was so pretty and all the houses in that area took part it seemed. T'other Diane

  3. Hi Diane. Wow what a fantastic festival. Superb decorations. Love the shutters and the doors. Must of taken hours to make all the flowers. Amazing artwork. I remember the Les Routier we went too , with the amazing choice for starters and main. It was so tasty. Take care Anne xo

    1. It was great fun Anne and it must have taken weeks to make and paint the decorations. Yes the Les Routier we took you to is just down the road :-) Hope you are feeing better Diane xox


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