Friday, October 23, 2015

23/10/2015 Off shopping on a different route for a change.

Maximum temperature 19C,minimum 5C. 17km/h SE wind. 2mm of rain measured from yesterday.
Last nights setting sun catching the pampas grass after the rain.

Maize ready for harvesting.

Magnificent view of La Rochefoucauld Château from the supermarket car park.

Derelict house. Too close to the supermarket!

The car park.

Anyone for bread?

Looking down the other way towards the butcher.

Imposing gateway at Taponnat.

The Mairie in Taponnat....

and a small restaurant.....

This stone work must have belonged to some large building, but is now restored as part of the two houses on either side.

Autumn colours driving home.


  1. Loved the sun on the pampas grass!! Gorgeous! Your supermarket looks very much like one in the United States! Lovely old buildings!

    1. Thanks Doniene, the château dates back to the 14th century and some of the family still live there! Have a good day Diane

  2. A castle near the shopping centre that is so different to here.

    1. The château is actually not as close as it looks in the photo but it is so big....... La Rochefoucauld is not a huge town but the château is one side and the supermarket on the other :-) Have a good day t'other Diane

  3. I can't over how old your buildings are in comparison to Australia. Our modern civilisation is very young in comparison, with no real old architecture. Just amazing


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