Saturday, October 24, 2015

24/10/15 Busy in the kitchen today a few emergency photos.

Maximum temperature 20C, minimum 8C. 38 km/h S wind. Dry and cloudy.
Great tit.....

and a little closer.

Rose buds...

as above.

Bath time for the sparrow.

Wasp's nest in the greenhouse.


  1. How do you get so close to your birds? xx

    1. Karen the Great Tit was easy it was in the greenhouse and it just watched me till he knew I was out of his escape route. The bird bath is not that far from the lounge window and if I do not move fast I can take them through the window. Also a Nikon 55 -300mm telephoto lens helps :-) Have a good Sunday Diane

    2. Ah thank you 😄 nice telephoto x

  2. Bath time is a hoot. Lovely rose buds too.

    1. Diane I may even get to see those roses come out as it is slightly warmer again for a few days :-)) T'other Diane


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