Friday, October 30, 2015

30/10/2015 A walk around the garden.

Maximum temperature 21C, minimum 8C.  Gusts of up to 63 km/H SE winds. Dry.
Sunrise this morning, or if you prefer Moonset....
and at the same time looking over my shoulder.

Holly berries.

Not sure what this is but....

looking at the other end I will keep out of its way!

Wonder where he is off to..


as above, notice the lighter colour centre.

On the outside wall.

Only a few quinces left.

Bellis perennis in the lawn

The medlar tree in autumn colours.

Pampas against a blue sky.

Decanting alcohol into bottles. We have a friendly neighbour who gets it for us! 


  1. Absolutely love the Sunrise , what an amazing sky colour. Never see it like that here . A super photo xox

    1. We nearly missed it, just got up and noticed it out the window. I had to grab the tripod or would never have had the moon in focus. It was all gone within a minute! Keep happy xox Diane

  2. What a beautiful sunrise, nearly full moon and all. Well done!

    1. It was an exceptional sky, not a regular occurrence! Diane


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