Sunday, November 8, 2015

08/11/2015 A big undertaking today tidying up the barn! A couple of garden photos as well.

Maximum temperature 24C, minimum temperature 10C.  32 km/h S wind. Dry.
Before we started.....

Mid-day it looked even worse....

by late afternoon it was looking great :-)

A welcome bee...

an unwelcome snail!!

Pampas and blue skies.

Prairie fire and a web.

The neighbours climbing rose...

and their calendula flower peeking through the hedge.


  1. Great job on the barn!! I love the old rock walls!! As usual - gorgeous flower photos!!! I want to plant calendulas this fall!!

    1. Thanks Doniene, almost all the old buildings here in France are built with the local stone. Our house is the same and all the walls at least 4 foot thick. Beautiful and cool in summer, once we get the heating going in winter it holds the heat pretty well also. I planted Calendulas about 8 years ago here and they have just reseeded every year, they are wonderful. Have a good week Diane


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