Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11/11/2015 Remembrance Day

Maximum temperature 20C, minimum 7C. 12 km/h variable wind. Dry.
Church service....

followed by a service at the memorial, and this year the presenting of a medal as well.

Our neighbour with her son.

WW1 postcards...


and other memories.

The following repas. (luncheon) 
For those of us with fond memories of Rhodesia, it is 50 years today since Ian Smith declared UDI.


  1. It is a sad day as we think about all those poor souls but I also like to think about the other side, with whom we are nowadays friends with and I just wonder why it really all happened. So much pain, loss, destruction… Why?

    1. I agree Nadege that many of the countries concerned in these wars are now friends, but there are other countries that have not learnt by what happened. Sadly there is always someone who is greedy and wants so much and ends up putting their country in the midst of war and upheaval. Hope you are well Diane

  2. Hi Diane. Eldest son and I took the grandaughters to see the parade in High Wycombe and then I took Olivia to the laying of the wreaths and the service outside the church. Lots of people lined the streets. She was so good as we had to be quiet ..haha and she was. I know that little square :-) got some photos too. Take care Anne xox

    1. It is good Anne that you recognise so many of these places I put on the blog. I am sure it makes it more interesting for you when you know where we are. Glad you also had a chance to see the parade and laying of wreaths. Keep well and have a good weekend Diane xox


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