Saturday, November 14, 2015

14/11/2015 A very sad day for Paris. A few local photos.

Maximum temperature 16C,minimum 5C. 11 km/h variable wind. Dry.
Peace candle for Paris today.

Last week this was woodland....

today it has gone!

 Wow great progress for Lidl with what was open land a week ago....

as above.

Oysters for lunch today.

Cosmos and bee,

As above.

Red robin.

Acer seeds.

Broad Beans.



  1. A splendid selection of pretty photos and thinking of everyone in Paris and all of France today, and for a long time to come.

    1. Thanks so much Denise, not a good day for France but terrorism has to be beaten or what will become of us all. Diane

    2. So so sad our thoughts are with the people of France and beautiful Paris xx thank you lovely pictures again x

    3. Thanks Anne, I know how you must feel as well for you love France as much as any of us. Sad, sad moments. Diane x

  2. My heart aches for all of France. Sad, sad day for the world. xx

    1. Very sad day for the world, it could happen anywhere. Diane

  3. Oh so sad for everyone. I have been emotionally drained since . Such a tragic time ..again for Paris, amd France. Take care xox Anne

    1. Its been a very emotional time for the lovers of France Anne. Take care Diane XX


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