Monday, November 23, 2015

23/11/2015 Out for a drive.

Maximum temperature 8C, minimum -1C. 14 km/h NE wind. 1mm rain.
A murky drive to Angouleme.

Pink cotton wool clouds

Only 1 degrees centigrade!

Quarry workings.

My pet hate once again - wind turbines.

Overlooking the town of Saintes.

Sunset back home.

Christmas cactus.

Encornet for dinner.


  1. C'est un temps à rester au chaud! La fleur du cactus de Noël est déjà prête!
    Bonne semaine à vous Diane !

    1. Oui Lucie, l'hiver est là! Le cactus de Noël est magnifique. Bonne nuit Diane

  2. I love Saintes Diane. It was quite close to where we lived in Cognac and in many ways better for shopping and cafes. The twice weekly market is very good too. Thanks for the lovely memory. It's about time that winter arrived... it's been to mild! Dinner looks yummy.

    1. Saintes is not a place we have really been to Craig, another one on the bucket list! We quite like encornet and I made this dish up as I went a long and it was really good. Thankfully I wrote down what I did, which I seldom do, so I can repeat it. It is so good to hear from you again. Take care, both of you. Diane


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