Monday, January 4, 2016

04/01/2015 More photos from the bedroom !!!!!

Maximum temperature 11C, minimum 7C.  11 km/hr S wind. 25 mm rain measured this morning.
Still raining !

Home made and keeping me warm.

The last of the toys on the cupboard.

Now if you saw yesterday's 'horse', what is this ?  My first thought was anteater, but I finally decided on a tapir !


  1. I see eyes in that paneling and if it's in the bedroom might find it hard to go to sleep while being watched. Love the afghan to keep you warm. All that rain is making your yard lovely and lush.

    1. LOL it is the spare room, I am coughing so badly at the moment that I am keeping the hamlet awake let alone N!!! I will be out of here and back to our own room as soon as I can make it. It just keeps raining, think we brought it back from the UK Diane


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