Saturday, January 9, 2016

09/01/2016 Birds to the rescue again....

Maximum temperature 14C, minimum 7 C.  70 km/h SW winds. 7 mm rain. 
Wonder what is down there....

Maybe if I shout at it....

At peace - Great tit.

Blue tit.


Hoping to see Star Wars this evening, hope I can survive without coughing!


  1. I saw the first Star Wars film (well the first half hour) and hated it so I've not seen anything of the series since. I hope you enjoy it but as fans I'm sure that you will. 70KM per hour winds - really?

    1. Craig who said we were fans??? I have only ever seen one Star Wars film and that was last night. We did not think it was anything wonderful, but on the other had we did enjoy it though obviously far fetched. My favourite character was a little rolling android, I would like one of them as a 'pet' around the house :-) It is a good night out for us meeting friends and having a meal afterwards. Saves me cooking!

      Certainly 70 km/h gusts which are going to get worse if the forecast is correct. A blogger friend a bit further North had an old thick stone wall blown over!

      Take care Diane

  2. Wonder what you thought of the movie, if you went.

    1. Gaelyn we did go and I managed to only have one slight coughing fit during the film so it was not too bad. I think if you treat these films light heartedly they are not too bad. I would not rave about it, but did quite enjoy it. As I said above to Craig, my favourite character was a little rolling android,it was cute!

      Meeting friends, having a meal after all makes for an enjoyable evening in all.

      Hope you are feeling better, it takes time to get over these things! Diane

  3. Nice little birds - I must have seen these everyday for years on end as a kid _ I miss them!

    I enjoyed the new Star Wars film, even without really being a fan! So hope you enjoyed it too.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks Stewart, we are not fans and this is the first Sat War movie I have seen. We did enjoy it though not enough to rave about. I fell in love with the little rolling android :-)

      Great tits and Blue tits are the easiest for me to take photos of; they are not so nervous and they spend quite a lot of time on the window sill at this time of the year looking for food. We never see them at all in summer!
      Keep well Diane


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