Friday, January 15, 2016

15/01/2016 A trip to La Rochefoucauld

Maximum temperature 8C, minimum -1C. 41km/h NW winds. Dry. Freezing fog this morning and our friends down the road said there was light snow!
Driving into La Rochefoucauld this morning.

The main street...

I have put this sign on before for the cinema but I do love it...

Further down with the château in the background.

Le couvent de Carmes - see below....

An old house....

The sign on the wall of the above.

La Rochefoucauld Château...

As above with the weir on La Tardoire river....

La Tardoire under the old bridge...

and with reflections.

The new hospital - it does not belong in amongst the old buildings!

The railway crossing coming home at Fleurignac.

Viewing of last nights lion....

and this mornings giraffe at


  1. Hi Diane lovely pictures as usual x I love La Rochefoucauld always go to the cloisters when I visit just to sit and look x thank you for telling us that that building was a hospital we did wonder when we saw it last year - glad it is well hidden !,

    1. Thanks Ann, the cloisters are so peaceful. That hospital just does not belong, thankfully it is pretty much out of site! Take care Diane

  2. The hospital does look so very modern and out of place.

    1. It is very out of place and I am amazed that it was past by the powers that be. It is fairly well hidden but.....


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