Tuesday, February 2, 2016

02/02/2016 Grey damp and scrabble.

Maximum temperature 15C, minimum 8C. 41 km/h W wind.  3mm rain measured.
Wet roads and grey skies.

It looks brighter across the fields.....

but grey as we drive into the village.

It looks they have built a room in the barn!

A little barn/house, all closed up.

The towns in the commune.

Scrabble, too many lights overhead!


  1. Scrabble is perfect for a gray rainy day, plus quite the challenge I imagine.

    1. It is certainly a challenge when we play two expert French ladies!!! French verbs each have 37 different endings so the choice is endless if you understand them, the trouble is there are so many exceptions to every rule to add to the complication, and of course we do not know the vocabulary they do, Nigel can at least hold a conversation with them but it is beyond me! Having said that they are always willing to help us if we ask. Diane


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