Thursday, February 11, 2016

11/02/2016 Grey and overcast, Nigel took most of the photos for me when he went to Chasseneuil.

Maximum temperature 9C minimum 2C.   28 km/h SE winds. 3mm rain measured.
One of 3 lavoirs in Chasseneuil. More info on what is a lavoir here.

The back of the lavoir with a wood carving to its left.

La Bonnieure, usually a quiet little river....

but now very full after all the rain.

You could almost put a boat in the ditches at the moment!

The carving is one of many around the town worked by Canadian artists. More info here.

The wall of the local florist.

Much activity outside the new Lidl and all parking banned at present....

As above...

Landscaping in front of the shop. It will look great when the trees grow,

Neighbour's tractor down the road where we live. Our house has the green shutters on the left.

Dehydrating, 2 large pumpkins and 3 bags of frozen cherries.  So much easier to store.

Roasted pumpkin pips, yum yum.

Caramel cake before icing.


  1. A great look around your area. Love the lane way and tractor. You work hard inside too with preserving and cooking. We differ here.

    1. Our little lane - only one other person actually uses it other than the neighbour with the sheep when he is moving them or feeding. Very quiet. I would not work so hard if we did not have our own fruit and veg!!! Have a good weekend t'other Diane

  2. Hello Diane, I clicked on the Lavoir and it took me to another blog. And I followed your other blog too! Lavoir is a good idea where the women can come together and makes washing fun and interesting as long as there is no quarreling and fighting!

    1. The other blog was the one you went to first, but because it is not on google + I had to follow you from the photodiary which is on +. Hope this makes sense, but yes I am following you anyway. I have 3 blogs but only one on +. Have a great weekend Diane

  3. Hi. It's probably not right to ask, but could you share a little bit of info about your dehydrator? I have seen it in a few of your pictures - together with the lovely, useful products. Do I detect a motor at the back? I had an Australian dehydrator but stopped using it as it was taking forever for things to dry out now I live in the tropics. It didn't have a motor. As we're at step 1 of 1000 towards moving to France, I'm interested in thinking about dehydration of orchard and vegetable garden produce. I use a home preserving kit here and so I am bottling things for use out of season, but no dehydrating.

    1. Anne for the past 10 years I have bottled and frozen but space is at a minimum and I decided to try dehydrating to save space. I have not yet had enough experience at it to give you much info.
      Vera at highly recommends hers and says she does not know how she managed before. She uses hers for everything even to the extent of raising her dough for bread. Yes it does have a motor and a fan (the latter I think is quite noisy but you get used to it). Kerry at also has just got a dehydrator, completely different to the one Vera and I have, but she seems pretty happy with results but she is also new to it all.
      I am impressed with what I have done so far, but of course I have not used the dehydrated food as yet thought Vera has been using hers now for years and is delighted. I think I am going to be very happy with it when I have an over load of fruit and vegetables but time will tell. Hope this helps Diane


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