Saturday, March 12, 2016

12/03/2016 Busy day!!

Maximum temperature 13 C,minimum -1C.  30km/h wind. Dry.
The days 'menu'.

At about 12 pm.

The tables all laid for this evening.

Our neighbours dog sat on my lap.



  1. Replies
    1. Excellent but too much for me to eat it all!!! Have a good day Diane

  2. Hahaha!!!
    Isn't it all about eating with french people??!!!
    Look at that menu: at any time something to eat is served! LOL!!
    I ma happy with a couple of biscuits at lunch and couple fruits at night!!!
    Photo 3: I like that one red chair!!
    Your neighbor's dog is sooo cute, if I ever had another dog which I doubt very much, it would be Jack russel... quite close!
    Warm hugs, keep well and enjoy the new week :)

    1. Noushka I could not eat everything, it was just too much for me! Think there was another couple of red chairs at the end of another table, guess they ran out of the usual green ones! The dog was very good sat on my lap, but he is always hoping that someone will give him a snack!
      We have said no more animals as we want to travel and get away when we can. It is not fair to keep putting them in kennels, but I have to say it is the first time in my life that there are no animals around. Lots of travel planned for this year and to new places for us :-) Take care and a big hug, Diane

  3. I'd love to give it a good shot at tackling that menu!

    1. My husband got through it but I was beaten!! Diane


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