Wednesday, March 16, 2016

16/03/2016 Not a lot going on today! Cut the lawn in an icy cold wind.

Maximum temperature 11C, minimum 1C.  42 km/h very cold NE wind.  Dry.
Male sparrow....

as above.

Male Chaffinch....

as above


Wood Pigeons.

Someone is moulting!

Hot chocolate trying to warm up,

Yesterday's market - cheese...


vegetable,honey etc...

Sausages and pates.


  1. The market looks wonderful. I am sure I could have a great time shopping there.

    1. Its an excellent market. We love the fish counter but it is not so cheap any more! Enjoy your day Diane

  2. Your bird photos are stunning, capture the colors and details very well. That market looks marvelous. Oh for something that nice around here.

    1. Thanks Gaelyn. French markets take a lot of beating :-))) Have a good day Diane


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