Sunday, April 3, 2016

03/04/2016 Around the garden. Mostly weeds, ooops no wild flowers.

Maximum temperature 19C, minimum 8C.  41 km/h S winds.  Light rain in the evening not measured yet.
White 'blue' bells

Hellebore and bug.

Laurel flowers.


Buttercup and ant.


Wild Violet


Lawn daisy with fly...

as above but pink.

Ground ivy.




We went to the cinema last night and saw The Revenant. I have seldom wanted to walk out on a film but this one I did. Gory, grisly and way to bloody for me.


  1. Go see "The lady in the Van'. you'll like that one. Love all the little flowers. You seem to have a plethora of them. "Weeds are plants growing in the wrong place."

    1. Hi Diane, we are away the week when the Lady in the Van is on but get back the evening it is in English so it depends on how we feel if we get to see it. The following day we have a pensioners luncheon which will go on from 12h00 until about 6pm so...... Some of the flowers in the wrong place are very pretty. We are expecting the lawn people to come in and treat the lawn though very soon so sadly we may lose some of them :-( Keep well t'other Diane

  2. Your temperatures are getting balmy. We have reverted to winter - 10 cm of snow overnight.

    1. I hope we don't revert back to winter but one never knows!!! Snow has kept its distance from us this year, but until May is past, frosts could still spring upon us! Diane

  3. Lovely photos of all those pretty flowers. I didn't go to see the Revenant. My son went to see it earlier and told me it was not a movie I would enjoy. He knows my tastes so I took him for his word :)

    1. Thanks Denise, glad you took his word for it, I am also sure you would not have enjoyed it! Have a good week Diane

  4. Hello Diane, what a lovely post! I love all the pretty little flowers and the tiny insects.

    1. There are some very pretty little weeds around, wish I could just plant them all in one bed so they did not mess up the lawn!!! Take care Diane

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Pam, hope you are well. Diane


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