Wednesday, April 6, 2016

06/04/2016 A few photos in the garden and some of yesterday's walk. Nigel cut edges, oiled the bench and dug the garden ready for potatoes.

Maximum temperature 15C, Minimum 2C, 30 km/h NW winds. Dry.
Tomatoes, peppers, courgette and cucumber seeds planted with double protection.

Broad bean flowers - Note the heart shape.

Plum blossom.

Japanese quince in flower for the second time this year! Plus fly!


As above.

Old tractor seen out yesterday...

Note this one even has grass growing in the front of it!

Wheat fields.

Ploughed land, the soil is much darker in this direction.

The track I walked along, note the cowslips on the left.


Grapes, small buds appearing now.


  1. Oiled the bench? What does that mean?

    1. The garden bench (seat) has wooden slats. They were all rubbed down yesterday and painted with teak oil to protect the wood against the weather. The garden table will be next, but at the moment that is in the barn waiting for the verandah to be tiled in May. Diane

    2. Chaque année de maintenance :-)

  2. You do have a lovely area to go for daily walks.

    1. So many different ways to walk I seldom go quite the same way. Certainly not in the last 3 months, but I will probably start some of the same routes again though I am trying to get them longer all the time. Diane

  3. you have lovely sights to look at and beautiful paths to walk ,your photos speak for your great talent of photography ,
    have a blessed day dear

    1. Thanks for the vist and the very kind comment, appreciated, Diane


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