Saturday, April 16, 2016

16/04/2016 A trip to La Rochefoucauld

Maximum temperature 16C, minimum 10C  32 km/h varying winds.  7mm of rain measured.
We went to a car show this morning - where else in the world could they have a backdrop like this?

Car of the year 2016 - Opel/Vauxhall Astra

Scary - Aixam car and van - no licence required to drive these!! 
See Here

Lawn mowers - hand and sit-on.

VW, good looking car.

View of La Rochefoucauld château with the old bridge that dates from the 15th century. 

La Rochefoucauld Main street...

and one of the side roads.

We saw this grave at the back of the hospital but I cannot find any details about it.

The local market in front of the church...




and fresh oysters.


  1. I fell in love with the castle. I still prefer the old design of VW - the beetle. The local market will be an interesting place to explore. Have a happy Sunday!

    1. The château is magnificent, and also inside. I used to have an old beetle and I agree I loved it, but I do like this new one as well. The markets here are always great :-) Thanks, you have a good week Diane

  2. Wow!! That is an incredible backdrop.

    1. LOL, not a regular occurrence anywhere in the world. Enjoy your week. Diane

  3. Is there anything quite so delicious as French cheese?

    1. Only one as far as I am concerned can beat it and that is English Stilton. It has always been my favourite even when it was so difficult (and expensive when you found it) in South Africa. I have never seen it for sale here and even cheddar is not easy to find. Have a good day Diane

  4. Hello Diane,
    WOW, La Rochefoucauld is a very beautiful place, especially through lens!
    I agree, Stilton is fabulous with.... port wine ;-)
    See... I know my classics!!
    Huge hugs an enjoy your evening :)

    1. LOL yes you know your classics. I think La Rochefoucauld is one of the most beautiful of châteaux I have seen. It is amazing that the family still live in part of it, and have been there for centuries. Hope all is going well for you, life is not easy at the moment I am sure.
      Very big hugs and keep well Diane

  5. Seems like you'd have to drive a tiny car to pass on those narrow roads. Do like the contrast between the old church and new cars.

    1. Gaelyn it amazes me how many people drive 4x4's here, there is just not room to pass on some of our roads!!!! That is not a church behind the cars, it is a castle, and the family have lived there since the 1400's. They now live in part of it, and half is open to the public to make money to keep the building in good condition. It is beautiful inside and out. Keep well Diane


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