Saturday, April 30, 2016

30/04/2016 Out and about, with lunch at our favourite Les Routiers.

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum 3C.  47 km/h NW winds. A little hail as we returned home.
First stop was at the dechetterie (dump) to drop of some rubbish that would not recycle.

Then we went to Le Rochefoucauld to do a little shopping and get photos for our updated International driver's licence.  We have French drivers licences, but need them for elsewhere out of the EU.

Grey skies all over.

La Rochefoucauld château over the rooftops.

Fields of rape seen en-route.

Arrival at St Sornin.

Self service hors d'oeuvres starter - my choice.

I then had gigolette de lapin with salad and chips. Very filling!

Nigel had Brandade (salt cod) with chips and peas. Also I gather very filling!

Cheese selection.

Nigel then had Moelleux citron...

and I had Pain Perde with icecream.
Four courses, with wine included, €12.50 each, excellent value.

St Sornin Church and a new War Memorial.

St Sornin Church

Driving home past Marillac-le-Franc church and fountain.

This farmer was obviously stocking up his wood pile, I hope for next year!!!


  1. The food looks so delicious! It's interesting about the international drivers license. I have driven in three European countries with my Canadian license and it has not been a problem. The rental agencies never demanded anything else.

    1. Americans and Canadians can come here with their driver's licences no problem. Going the other way the Govt recommends an International permit. We generally keep ours up to date as we never know when it might be needed. We wanted it last time for Casablanca. Hope your week is a good one Diane

  2. A great view of the chateau and rape field on your ride. Very interesting food and I would love to try a bit of everything including the wine too! Have a great new week ahead!

    1. Your food is so different to ours, it always amazes me that food around the world is so different. Have a great week Diane


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