Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10/05/2016 An unsuccessful trip to La Rochefoucauld market and a few insects in the garden.

Maximum temperature 22C, minimum 12C.   24 km/h SW winds.  15 mm of rain measured.
I never tire of seeing La Rochefoucauld château.

La Rochefoucauld market taking up the main street through town.

Wood pigeon.

Chafer beetle eating the flowers on the choisya ternata!

A pale Californian poppy.

Still flowers on the camellia.

A fly on the red robin bush.

Flowers on the holly, I only saw the fly on the bottom leaf when I downloaded the photo.

Busy as a bee....

as above...

as above...

as above...

as above...

as above they all seem to like the choisya ternata!


  1. That castle really is splendid - and Europe is full of them. You are lucky to have history at every turn.

  2. La Rochefoucauld château is very impressive. Busy bees loving the beautiful blooms.


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