Sunday, May 29, 2016

29/05/2016 A wet walk around the garden, a pretty dismal day in all!

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 12C.   41 km/h NW winds.  Drizzle most of the day!
Mr Blackbird...

as above.


Wet ginkgo biloba leaves.


Red Robin leaves.

Pastel rose.

Rose bud on the same plant as above!

Various colours of sweet william.

and last but not least the only flying creature I saw besides the blackbird!


  1. Eurasian Blackbird is one of the finest songsters in the avian world in my opinion. I always look forward to hearing them when I visit Europe.

    1. I have to agree with you there, I love hearing them sing, quite spectacular. Hope all is well there Diane

  2. The raindrops make the flowers and leaves look fresh. Pretty blackbird and insect to brighten up your day.

    1. Fresh is about right but I just wish it would ease off a bit!! Raining again today, grey and miserable. We have had so much rain this year I wonder if it will ever stop. On the other hand we are going to be away for much of June and I hope it rains then for the garden!! keep well Diane

  3. The sweet william are very sweet.

    1. They are pretty, and the butterflies generally love them, but this year there do not seem to be many around! Diane


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