Friday, July 29, 2016

29/06/16 A quick trip into Chasseneuil.

Maximum temperature 29C, minimum 13C.  21 kph NW winds.   Dry.  2mm measured from yesterday.
Perfect weather for baling.

Irrigation in the maize.

Remember these trees when they were pruned back to their trunks in autumn?

These two power cranes have been here for months (one almost hidden) and we still do not know what they are up to!!

Back home the stargazer is at its best.


  1. Nice weather, I'm looking forward to our summer.

    1. Oh no --- that means winter for us and our winter is much colder than yours!!! T'other Diane

  2. Stargazer? I thought for a while you were looking at me - and then my wife woke me up !!

  3. The maize is looking really good. Lovely to see some hay being baled too.

    1. The farmers are all very busy at the moment Diane


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