Tuesday, August 16, 2016

16/08/2016 A drive to the hardware shop to get paint to finish the spare room - Should have known better; August in France is holiday time and it was closed!!!

Maximum temperature 34C, minimum 17C.  19 km/h SW  wind. Dry.
Lantern des Morts at Cellefrouin. 
Built in the 12th century, it was classified as a historical monument on 12 July  1886. 
In the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of the area showed great respect for the dead. That beacon was the symbol of the Christian faith, watching over the dead and protecting them.

Sign post.

Fields of Maize.

Hay Bales.

Narrow bridges.

Shady road.

A blur of sunflowers. 


  1. Beautiful scenery especially the field of maize and sunflowers. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks,it is a beautiful time of the year :-) Stay well, Diane

  2. We still can't get used to lunchtime closing! we had many years of happy holidays at the campsite at Bignac which wasn't far from Mansle.

    1. If it had just been closed for lunch it would not have been so bad but it is closed for the whole week!! Hope all is well Diane x

  3. Store closed or not it was a pretty ride through your countryside.

    1. I am so fed up with the muddle in the house,I just want to get the spare room finished and everything back in there!! It just means another week before we can get started on the final painting and varnishing of new window and skirtings done!!


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