Thursday, August 18, 2016

18/08/2016 Join us on a drive to Angouleme.

Maximum temperature 26C, minimum 16C.  27 km/h SW  wind. 2 mm of rain overnight.
First stop at the local dechetterie (dump)...

where we also saw this crane with a dustbin hanging from it !!!

On our way to the city...

Under the road - can you see part of the fountain on the top?

This wall painting has been on my blog several times but I love it...

Narrow streets; beware of loosing a wing mirror!

Never seen this wall painting before, looks like 'Star Wars' has arrived.

A drive by shot of a street....

The Town Hall....
See history Here

Place des Halles (market)....

and the view from the top of the hill overlooking the railway.

Driving back home, hope these are tied on well!!


  1. I enjoyed the ride to town. The first wall painting is great not so sure about the other one.

    1. Diane the Angouleme is the French capital of the comic strip and designated City of Art and History. There are some strange bits of wall art around, but all with a meaning and some are really amazing. T'other Diane

  2. I like the murals. The town hall was formerly a castle! I like the market building too!

    1. Thanks Nancy, so many buildings in France have been restored and are used for different things, very few are now privately owned as the upkeep is expensive. Diane

  3. Replies
    1. I have to agree with that, it is quite outstanding. Diane


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