Wednesday, August 24, 2016

24/08/2016 With one thing and another not much time for photos and all the insects are in hiding from the heat!!!

Maximum temperature 35C, minimum 16C.  25 km/h SW  wind. Very Dry.  
Water restrictions in place in some areas!
I took this yesterday under windy conditions so not very sharp!

Too hot, removal of feathers ;-)

I gave 10 away this afternoon and immediately brought another 6 in from the garden!!!

Garlic chives.


A hybrid squash of some sort!



  1. Replies
    1. Its all or nothing, LOL. Have a good day Diane

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Ralph, yes I will be making some soup, we particularly like Thai Curry Pumpkin soup. I will also roast some as well as we like it just as a vegetable. Hope all is well with you, have a good day Diane

  3. Oh gee, Diane, I feel sore for you, a trapped nerve can be quite painful.
    I hop them will pull you soon out of it!
    I wish we could have warm days like this a lot longer in the year, I love it!!
    In Spain, I was taking pics of dragonflies by 42/45°C at mid-day!!
    I hope you are both well, take care and enjoy the rest of day :)

    1. I hope it will be fixed soon :-)) 45C is too hot for me. Take care and warn hugs Diane

  4. The heat sounds appealing to me right now with 55F and rain feels chill, especially for August. Ha, ha, more zucchini. Honestly they grow like a weed. I am drooling over the tomatoes. Maybe I'll get lucky during next week's shopping run and find some fresh organic produce. Be well you two.

    1. I would rather it too hot any day than too cold but when it goes over 37C I find I just want to stay in the cool of the house. Being a stone house with very thick walls it is rare that it gets to warm inside. I cannot believe how much better home grown vegetables taste to bought ones, so different! Hope you can find some fresh organic produce next week. Take care you and Bill. All the best D & N


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