Friday, August 26, 2016

26/08/2016 A few photos about the garden -again!

Maximum temperature 33C, minimum 16C.  29 km/h SW  wind. Very Dry. 
Bee in the bindweed.

Different bee.

Rosemary beetle, pretty but a pest.

Think this is a wasp of some kind  As you may have gathered we have a lot of bind weed at present!

Common Blue on the lavender.

Green Lizard - it looks like he has just shed his skin as there is some still on his tail...

As above...

As above.

Courgette, carrot and cheese muffins.

Potatoes - all in now, a total of 28.5 kg from 2.5 seed potatoes so we are pretty happy with that.

More of today's produce.

Heating oil delivery today - topping up for winter :-(((


  1. Love the bees shots...the bees are covered with pollens from the pretty flowers. Beautiful beetle and butterfly. You are blessed with plentiful harvest from your garden. Your muffins look so good!

    1. Thanks Nancy, we have a good crop of vegetables this year despite the weather. The fruit though has not been very good, no cherries or quince, a few good plums and apples but it looks like we will have a bumper crop of figs. The muffins were delicious :-) Diane

  2. The colours in the Rosemary beetle are really beautiful. Pity it is a pest though.

  3. That Rosemary Beetle looks like it should be a broche. You will eat well this winter and warm too. Temps are dropping rapidly here and seems too early for fall.

    1. The beetles are so pretty, but though the beetle is not a problem the larvae are so the beetles sadly have to go. You are right we will not be short of veg this winter !!! Stay well D & N

  4. The common blue on the lavender is such a pretty shot. It has turned the commonplace into something special. Well done - and thanks!

    1. Thanks Anne for the kind comment, appreciated. Diane


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