Wednesday, August 31, 2016

31/08/2016 Nigel out on his bike.

Maximum temperature 30C, minimum 14C.  16 km/h NW wind. Very Dry.
Who remembers these old Singer Sewing Machine signs?

Wood ready for winter.

I love these shady lanes we have here.

La petite maison, wonder if this used to be used for selling vegetables at the side of the road.

Ligne de démarcation, so much history around us.

The cemetery at Cellefrouin...

They always look like small villages!

The grey looks like he just got up from rolling in the dust.

Saying hello.


  1. What magnificent creatures those horses are.

    1. There are some beautiful horses in France. Generally very well cared for. Diane

  2. Yes, I remember the Singer Sewing Machine sign! My husband once worked in a Singer Sewing Machine outlet. I thought the cemetery are little houses. Hello to the horses!

    1. Thanks for the comment Nancy, will say hello to the horses :- Have a great day Diane

  3. I feel like you live in a fairy-tale village.

    1. Ha ha not at all. Have a good day Diane


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