Friday, September 2, 2016

02/09/2016 Busy day!

Maximum temperature 31C, minimum 15C.  16 km/h NW wind. Very Dry.
Hedge cutting..

As above...

Certainly looks much better, but look at our brown grass - we need rain!!

Chasseneuil, kids playground...


In the car park - 2CV...

As above, letting the sun shine in!

Just down the road maize cut...

and opposite maize ready for reaping...
and an hour later driving home it is being cut.

Yet just down the road this is still being watered!


  1. So nice to see a glimpse of your world! I always enjoy the visit! Hope things are well for you, though I did catch a glimpse of one post that said you were having a nerve issue. Update?

    Hope you get some rain soon. Our hot spell has broken and we have received some nice late summer has greened up the pastures right nicely and should add a growth burst to the kid goats before going to market. Also, the cooler weather has allowed me to work my Border Collies more regularly. I hope to make a few sheep dog trials this fall and winter.

    Have a great weekend. It is Labor Day here in the states, and all our kids and grandkids are coming in! Will be fun!

    1. Hi Doniene We are desperate for rain, the lawn as you can see looks like a fire has been over it! Re the nerve I see the specialist on the 15th so will know more then. I am trying to blog our USA holiday on but it is going slowly. Enjoy the holiday with the family take care Diane

  2. Thirty-one degrees seems a tad too hot for hedge-trimming.

    1. Not our problem any more David! I have cut the hedge for the past 10 years, last year we decided that it was much easier to get someone in to cut it. Three sides of our property is laurel hedge and we have 3/4 of an acre so it is a long hedge! If they want to work in the heat it is up to them. Diane


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