Tuesday, September 6, 2016

06/09/2016 Photos at a minimum today. Busy with 'My Life in the Charante' and making more courgette ice cream! A quick road trip as well.

Maximum temperature 31C, minimum 16C.  26 km/h NE wind. Very Dry.
These grapes do not look too bad, we had none this year!!

A drive by shot across the countryside. The white column on the right is the Resistance Memorial in Chasseneuil.

Another drive by of Maize,

Saint Adjutory has just had new roads and pavements put in.  The residents have had a hard time for the past few months!

Yet another road hazard,

Pumpkin flower, bee and ant....

Departing bee,

It was here on Thursday and it is still around!
Shield bug Graphosoma italicum. 


  1. I do hope that one day I would get a chance to visit a vineyard. That is a very pretty looking bug!

  2. Hello Diane,
    It is time for the small passerine birds to gather and fly back to warmer southern countries... Wish I could join them, I hate winter!!
    I am quite busy with the stags these days before hunters start shooting them at bellowing time... in about 2/3 weeks from now :(
    Keep well and enjoy your day :)

    1. We also hate winter, anything under 20C is cold to us!! Keep busy and just maybe we will have renovations sorted out by the end of the month!!! Take care, warm hugs Diane

  3. Replies
    1. David it seems not, there is always something that needs doing!!! Diane

  4. As always , a lovely view of your world! Very interesting about the Resistance Memorial! I admire those people!

    1. Thanks Doniene for your comment, the French do not forget easily and there are many memorials in France. Take care Diane


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