Monday, September 5, 2016

05/09/2016 Nigel out on his bike and a couple of extras.

Maximum temperature 29C, minimum 14C.  15 km/h NE wind. Very Dry. though there was a light mist this morning.
The view from Pois de la Pistole, 291 metres above sea level.

La Tardoire river at Vouthon...

and the church - L’Église Saint Martin de Vouthon.

Moulin de la Pierre is unique in France.

  It saws blocks of chalky stone using hydraulic pressure.

  The white stone of Vilhonneur is used in stately buildings in all corners of the globe. 

As above.

As above. I have a video of it cutting, but our WIFI is too slow for me to load it!!!  Sorry.

A sparrow disagreement....

and taking a bath.

Going shopping; a road hazard while men restore the roof on this house.  I hope they do the adjoining barn, the roof has collapsed completely on that!!


  1. I love the 1st photo and the birds taking their bath. Referring to your comment on the snow beer in my blog - It is just any beer frozen to a certain temperature, poured into frozen glasses to get the chilled curd-like beer. Have a happy week!

    1. Interesting Nancy re the beer, thanks. Love watching the birds in the bath but never have enough time!!! Keep well Diane

  2. Very cool to see and learn about the white building stone.

    1. It is an interesting place and that often have people there carving stone as well. Diane


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