Sunday, September 4, 2016

04/09/2017 Out for lunch.

Maximum temperature 29C, minimum 15C.  16 km/h NW wind. Very Dry.
La Côte de Boeuf restaurant in Pressignac.

Map of the area with the two Charente lakes.

 After amuse-bouche which did not photo very well, but were delightful...
My starter was goats cheese and bacon on salad....

and Nigel had asparagus mousse and smoked salmon.

He then had veal and vegetables...

while I had beef casserole and vegetables.
This was followed by a large cheese board and yummy desserts.

The baby in the high chair in the centre of the photo was so well behaved and sat quietly for the two hours her parents and grandparents were having lunch.  French children always amaze me with their good behaviour and manners.

The view of Lac de Lavaud out of the window....

but you can see how dry it is on the other side with the water well below the top of the spillway!

Driving home - maize on the left and forest area following on.

A drive by shot of Massignac church.

An inquisitive donkey by the side of the road when we were almost home. 


  1. I love your food photos and the view of the sailing boats on the water. And my favourite is the inquisitive donkey! Have a beautiful day!

    1. Thanks Nancy, the donkey was very cute. Have a good week Diane

  2. I like the look of the bacon dish! And who could not love the face at the end!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Just back in Melbourne!

    1. Stewart it was very tasty! I thought it was one of the best looking donkeys I have seen, though some of them look more cuddly!! Have a good week Diane

  3. Replies
    1. Hard not to do otherwise living in France but generally portions are a sensible size and you have plenty of time for digestion. They do not hurry you! Diane

  4. Lunch looks delicious. I like the idea of lingering over a meal.

    1. Meals in France are always relaxing. Trouble is the 2 hour lunch break is frustrating when you want to go shopping!! They do though work later in the evening generally. Some places stay open but not a lot. Hope all is well Diane


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