Friday, September 9, 2016

09/09/2016 Nigel out cycling again, I took one photo all day, see the last one which was a drive-by..

Maximum temperature 28C, minimum 10C.  16 km/h NE wind. Very Dry.  Nigel said it was quite chilly when he left home early this morning!
The long straight and narrow road....

Feed for the animals in winter...

while the humans have stocked up on firewood to keep warm.

Why did the chicken cross the road ?

A bit of sun glare, but these little stone built buildings seem quite common, not sure though what they are used for!  Storing something presumably.

Sad to see the sunflowers going over, the seed will be collected very soon.

Water tower at Chez Courrade ...

and at Puygibaud.

Coming home even the bike could not get through here easily and Nigel had to push his bike for some way!!!

They were laying new water pipes...

the digger...

and filling in.

My blurred drive by shot of yet another road hazard while going shopping!!


  1. Wonderful to join you on your drive. Love the straight roads. Oh, you have to watch out for those road hazard!

  2. Those roads should keep you on the straight and narrow until they start digging them up.

  3. AHA, those road works, what a pain they can be...
    We've had that in our town the whole summer, no fun!
    you Common blue in your previous post is gorgeous, lovely photos!
    And in the one before the tegenaria are indeed coming in to winter. I have a plastic pot I use to take them out.
    Your dried figs look quite yummy, you're lucky I'm not your neighbour, I would raid your stock!!! LOL!
    Keep well and enjoy your you weekend, Diane :)


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