Friday, September 23, 2016

23/09/2016 Out for lunch at a new restaurant for us.

Maximum temperature 25C, minimum 11C. 11 km/h NE wind. Dry.
Just down the road someone is repairing their roof.

The road to Angouleme, but if fact we were turning off to Gond-Pontourve

 Hotel/Restaurant Le Moulin NeufGond-Pontouvre

The Bar.

La Touvre....

As above, not a lot of water at this time of the year....

As above.

Duck was not on the menu!  There were several though swimming around and keeping watch.

Amuse-Bouche,  Lentil veloute and tomato creme.

Starter - I had Joue de boeuf and salade, Nigel had parsnip and sweet potato soup.

Main course - we both had Sword fish.

Dessert, - we also both had baked apple and ice cream.


  1. How nice if we can get 25 C as our max. temperature. You have beautiful clear blue sky! That is a cute duck posing for you. Lunch looks good and I wondered how baked apple and ice cream tastes like. It sure looks yummy! Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Nancy the apple, ice cream and caramel sauce was such a simple dish but very tasty. You have a good weekend also. Diane

  2. Nice to try out a new restaurant, especially with that beautiful view. Food looks good too.

    1. The food was excellent and sitting by the river was a huge bonus. Loved listening to the running water. Take care Diane


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