Wednesday, November 2, 2016

02/11/2016 Join me in the car on a trip to the shops! I was not driving!!

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum 6C.  24 km/h SE wind.  Dry.
Road Hazard number one.

Amazing how green all these trees still are here.

La Rochefoucauld Chateau in the distance.

Shopping at LeClerc

Some signs of autumn driving home


Road hazard number two.

Still quite green here as well!

Autumn colours at last -  I think this is a chestnut tree.


  1. What a beautiful place, Diane! It is also nice to see such a small amount of traffic, too. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour!

    1. Traffic is seldom a problem here Linda thank goodness, but it did not prepare us for driving in the USA!! France is beautiful in almost very place you see. Take care Diane

  2. A beautiful ride. Is there something wrong with taking photos while driving? ;)

    1. Thanks Gaelyn and no comment to your question ;) Stay safe and drive with care Diane


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