Tuesday, November 22, 2016

22/11/2016 Photos are becoming more difficult in the garden as winter gets closer!

Maximum temperature 14C, minimum 5C.  32 km/h NE wind.  Damp but no rain.
What a surprise on the climbing rose in November.


Wild Arum seeds - poisonous!

Daisy of some kind!

The remains of a dandelion clock.

Holly berries.

Hydrangea drying on the plant.

Lavender - still a bit left.

Autumn leaves.

Some are large....

and some are small.

Great Tit.

As above.


  1. What brilliant captures, Diane!!! I love your photography, and I feel as though I am right there viewing all this beauty with you! Thank you so much for sharing. It is pretty cold here in Montreal today, and your post has warmed my heart!

    1. Linda you do send me some great comments, thank you so much. It is raining here again and it looks like it is set in for the night! Keep warm Diane

  2. I love the pink rose! The berries are so tempting and the Great Tit is so sweet and cute! Its rainy season over here and we also have mushrooms sprouting all over the places.

    1. Thank you Nancy, I hope the rose survives a few more days. The birds make my day for me, I do love them that they come so close. Take care Diane

  3. You still have quite a bit. What a delight to see the new rose bud. Yet it does look like turning to fall.

    1. Most things are certainly changing colour and a lot of leaves are on the floor but the odd flower is still hanging in there :-) Best wishes to you and Bill not forgetting Sasha.


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