Sunday, November 27, 2016

27/11/2016 We have been busy in the garden today so minimal photos.

Maximum temperature 9C, minimum 0C.  16 km/h NE wind.  Dry.
Last nights sunset...

and looking backwards pink clouds.


The rose hangs on, but look, there is a second one opening at the back.


The cranes are migrating to warmer weather.


  1. Gorgeous photos, Diane...and this is the first time I have ever seen a photo of cranes in flight! Thank you so much for sharing all the beauty around you.

    1. So glad I have shown you something new :-) Thanks for the kind comment and have a good week. Diane

  2. Hello Diane :)
    Lovely sunset photos, what a gorgeous sky you had! As long as there are a few clouds the setting sun colors them beautifully!
    I bet theses cranes you saw will end up in Arjuzanx, a 2679 ha water dam and nature preserve in the Landes area. I could be mistaken but I don't think they will fly over the Pyrenees at this point, and the ones wintering in Spain will fly back up end of January.
    Yes I agree, this cold wind is horrible, we also have temperatures in the negatives since day before yesterday... :( !!
    Keep warm and enjoy your week :)

    1. Hi Noushka, the setting sun and clouds generally make for interesting photos. I love the cranes flying over and the sound of them all calling is amazing. I really hate this cold wind and I am not looking forward to our tip to the UK at all, even colder there usually, certainly the house is! Keep warm Diane

  3. Beautiful sunset. Kind of sad the cranes are leaving, because it's winter coming.

    1. That time of year I am afraid,I will never learn to like it. Wish I cold jump on the back of one of the cranes!! Diane


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