Monday, January 16, 2017

16/01/2017 Shopping around and a couple of photos from the garden.

Maximum temperature 8C, minimum -1C. 47km/h SE wind. 9mm rain measured.
Apart from the two photos in the garden, all photos taken from a moving car with a wet and dirty windscreen.
Blackbird and a sparrow.

Sparrows in flight.

First stop the dechetterie (dump).

Road hazard number one.


Road hazard number two.

My pet hate, wind turbines.

Land being cleared.

Lanterne des Morts.  Lantern of the dead in a cemetery - a lighted lamp supposed to serve as guide to the deceased.

Gond-Pontouvre, in the distance.


  1. I always enjoy the lovely tours you share, Diane, and all your nature photos! I have never seen a blackbird and a sparrow side by side before. Great capture! :)

    1. Thanks Linda, it was very overcast and photos were not that easy. Our birds a generally pretty good about being together, even the robin is more patient than most I have seen. Hope all is well Diane

  2. Replies
    1. They are good looking birds and I love the yellow eyes. Diane

  3. Life in France as it is, lovely selection of real life shots.

  4. My pet hate would be the land being cleared, especially if it's for more of those awful wind turbines. They sure look out of place among the antiquity of your area.

  5. I hate the turbines but suspect this land was being cleared for crops. Diane


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