Saturday, March 11, 2017

11/03/2017 Around the garden and Nigel has his first cycle ride of 2017.

Maximum temperature 22C, minimum 17C.  18km/h SE wind. No rain.
Japonica and bee.

Rosemary and bee.

Rosemary and bumble bee.


Rosemary and hover-fly.


Camellia in bud.

Bike parked by the cemetery while taking photos...

New boulangerie and centre at  Taponnat-Fleurignac...

The Marie.

Beaumont across ploughed fields.

A tree full of mistletoe.

Some clearing of the land near Beaumont.

Cowslips are coming out all over.


  1. Hello Diane!
    WOW, these insects pics are so sharp, congrats!!
    Spring is definitively on its' way, considering your colourful photos!
    I am back from the Oriental Pyrenees and off again to Arcachon this coming Tuesday!
    Sorry I didn't visit your blog sooner :-)
    Good for Nigel... and you, not on a bike??
    Warm hugs and enjoy the coming week

    1. Thanks Noushka I always appreciate comment from a great photographer which you are.
      I have not been on my bike much since the bad fall I had in Spain, it put me off somewhat! Also my back is not behaving as it should, so not only am I not cycling, but I am not walking far either. I don't not want an op so I am just hoping that it hangs in there!
      Much cooler here today so good job we got a lot done in the garden yesterday! Enjoy the trip to Arachon. Keep warm, hugs Diane

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It is lovely to see your photos of your trip and now again your photos of your lovely garden!
    My blog...well, it seemed I was struggling to have a photo to post! I use my iPad for any thing I do on the internet, but find taking photos with it is spotty at best! I'm not really a photographer, but have enjoyed sharing a bit of my life in photos, though right now I feel my life is a bit dull, i.e. Not photo worthy! I like to take photos with my camera and upload them to the desk top, but alas, the desktop is old and a bit cranky

    On another note: you are the only blogger friend that noted that I haven't posted in a month! I think every one is busy!

    Hope this finds you well!


  3. I am sure other people have noticed but have just not passed a comment. Life cannot be that dull, there is always something to take a photo of, though I agree if it is cold and wet it is a little more difficult. Remember what you think is dull is not dull to people on the other side of the world!! iPad photos are not that bad, I use mine when travelling, and although not as good as my camera, they do a pretty fair job. Take care and post when you can if not everyday which is not easy some days I agree. Diane


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