Tuesday, March 21, 2017

21/03/2017 A repas (luncheon) with the club at St Adjutory,

Maximum temperature 11C, minimum 4C.  27km/h SW wind. 4 mm of rain measured this morning.
Place settings with a very large chocolate on each plate!


There were over 80 people at the lunch - they are very popular meals.

Mushroom soup.

Stuffed fish.

Duckling breasts.

Cheese course with French bread not in the photo.

Profiteroles and orange.

Waiting patiently outside for its owner in the rain! Yes it is still raining here.

We are out again on Friday for a luncheon, and then Sunday we have a pensioner's repas at the local, so lots of food coming up!!!


  1. Beautiful table setting, Diane, and I love the old car! And the food all looks delicious, the presentations are lovely!

    1. Thanks Linda the food was great if a little too much. Yes I also love those cars. Diane

  2. Man, you guys sure know how to eat!

    1. The French know how to eat!!! It takes all afternoon so even though I feel full it is easier to get through it all. Starts at 12h00 and generally we do not get home before 5pm!! Diane

    2. I think I could live my life like that!


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