Monday, March 20, 2017

20/03/2017 A very wet drive to Girac hospital for Nigel's last knee injection !!

Maximum temperature 17C, minimum 7C.  27km/h NW wind. 2 mm of rain measured this morning.
Leaving home...

Our roads are really not wide enough for trucks!!

Working at the side of the first round about...

Hmm wonder what he is doing...

Still raining...

Road works...

Busy in the rain...

As above.

Coming home, dry but dark skies.

Back home diamonds in a spider's web.


  1. I love rain photos, Diane, and I especially love your last photo!!!

    1. It is pretty miserable to be out in, watching from a window is quite another story. The last photo was a lucky one! Thanks Linda for your comment Diane

  2. Even in the rain, the work continues. But it can be dangerous working on the road in the rain. Love the spider web diamonds.

    1. Yes I agree, working on the roads in the rain can easily cause accidents if people are not careful!! Diane

  3. Aaarrgghh, the kind of weather I hate and makes me very sleepy! LOL!
    Not much better here today and I have to mow the lawn.... An activity I really dislike!
    I hope to go back the Atlantic shores next week if it is sunny!
    Warm hugs diane and enjoy your evening :)

    1. I also hate it, bed is a good place to be in this kind of weather!!
      How can you mow the lawn when it is this wet????? I quite like mowing but then I have a sit on mower :-))
      The weather looks rubbish until after the weekend, colder and storms coming up:-(((((
      Warm hugs Diane


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