Tuesday, April 4, 2017

04/04/2017 Driving to scrabble and the garden centre.

Maximum temperature 18C, minimum 6C.  12 kmh NE wind.   Dry but just started raining now.  20h45.
Most photos taken from the car.
Across the fields.

Winter wheat with a show of blossom at the back.

St Adjutory...

as above, the Tabac....

as above and a new seat....

French scrabble.

En route to the garden centre...


One of our narrow roads, taken at an angle, but it is only just wide enough for one car!!

Orchids at the new Leclerc garden centre...

as above.


  1. I truly never tire if seeing your photos! Those orchids are exquisite!! The pincushion cactus is not in the protea family. Google "horse crippler " cactus and it will give a great description!

    Have a great day!

    1. Aha having looked up the cactus it does not even resemble a protea!! Thanks for the kind comment. Diane

  2. The orchids are wonderful! Hope you were shopping for the garden.

    1. Yes we were, but for extra manure, our compost heap cannot produce enough! Take care Diane

  3. Absolutely gorgeous views and colours in your photos, Diane! And I love Scrabble. :)

    1. Do you play scrabble in French though, very difficult for me when my French is not very good!! Cheers Diane

  4. Playing Scrabble in a second language must be a challenge, but I'd love to give it a try one day!

    1. When you visit we will take you along :-) I just guess at words and then look up what I think is right. I often use words that have no meaning to me as the Scrabble dictionary gives no meanings!! Not a good way to learn I have decided!! Cheers Diane


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