Saturday, June 17, 2017

17/06/2017 A visit to Chasseneuil and local market.

Maximum temperature 26C, minimum 12C. 30 kmh NE wind 36 km/h gusts  Dry.

Nigel went to see the Dr about his shoulder (again), so I went with him and walked on into town as parking by the Dr was easier on Saturday
I crossed over the railway line, they are seriously talking about closing this line which is sad.  Only 3 small trains a day between Limoges and Angouleme, and I guess they think it is too expensive to keep the track up to standard.  It will make life difficult for the school and college students that use it.

I passed the tourist info office, and the superb, but small museum that is mostly about the town's history during WWII.

Hydrangeas and petunias.

Just behind the museum are three wood carvings, this one of an eagle..

a man...

and an angel playing a harp,  A team of wood carvers come from Canada to town regularly.  They are amazing to watch and this is some of the results.

Petunias again, and I do not know what the other flowers are.

The fountain outside the museum.

Walking further on I passed the Cafe des Sports...

and the Hotel de Ville which is in fact the Mairie (mayor's office).  This building has just been cleaned from top to bottom and is looking particularly good at present.

Walking on  further is the church of St Saturnin, dated from the eleventh and twelfth centuries, where the Saturday morning market is always held

I was heading into the middle of the market, see the man in the blue shirt, just off right of the centre, he is at the fresh oyster stand where I was heading...

this stand says Pineau de Charente but it looks like they have other drinks there as well...

Superb fresh fruit and vegetables.

Walking back I passed this tree which I think is a Catalpa bignonioides or Indian bean tree but please correct me if I am wrong.

Last stop was to buy a baguette at the bakery.  Our favourite place is closed for two weeks holiday so I tried this one for a change.  Not bad but......  The Pizza place beyond it is very good, though we do not visit it that often.

P.S. Nigel is returning to the physio for a few more treatments and if no joy then he will see the specialist next month.  It has become chronic and has been going on and off for a couple of years so........


  1. Diane, I love all the wood sculptures, especially the eagle and the angel/harp! And I love seeing the storefronts, fresh produce market, flowers and the railway! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks Linda, there are carvings all over town but it is a while since I put them on the blog. Have a great week Diane

  2. A couple of carvers from Canada huh? Obviously you are bringing in the very best!

    1. We used to have 4 come every year but they seem to be coming less frequent now. The town is full of carvings so probably they are running out of space. They have all been on my blog over the years. Diane

  3. Thank you Diane for your lovely pictures of Chasseneuil - I am sure you remember when it had all the trucks going through on the N141 - It is so nice to see grow into a lovely market town. How your photos tell a lovely storey. Got back about 8.30pm tonight to very long grass (mower out tomorrow) Hope to catch up in the next few weeks x thanks again Ann x

    1. Hi Ann, when we bought here the new road had just opened, our neighbour though tells me how bad it was! Hope you have managed some grass control! We have another busy week coming up, retirement is tiring. Will be in touch soon. Diane

  4. Beautiful photos again Diane. It looks like you are experiencing the same weather where you are as we are having in Durban, clear blue skies and warm sunshine. The flowering plants are similar too. But your roads are much cleaner and litter free.

    1. Ha ha it was the first thing we noticed when we were over in February, the rubbish situation has not changed!! It is hot here but it is a much drier heat than Durban so I do not really have a problem with it. I can't stand the humidity in Dbn for very long! Keep well Diane


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