Friday, June 23, 2017

23/06/2017 Out shopping...... much cooler.

Maximum temperature 25C  minimum 16C.  14 km/h NW wind,  Cloud cover but dry.
First stop Chasseneuil to get a few things...

Then off to Soyaux, We were stuck at roadworks for a while so I took a photo of Le p'tit Bistro which was next to us.  The menu looked good and not expensive.

This was our first port of call.  Getting Thai food is not easy around us, but this is the perfect place to shop...

The owner was happy for me to take photos and here he is with Nigel...

A great selection of herbs and spices...

Everything we wanted and more...

Some of the frozen food looked good but we did not buy any...

So much choice.  We left very happy.

Going back through the road works and waiting again, the Bar des Amis took our attention mainly because....

of the bike in the doorway.

This was an unplanned shopping place but it was next to the one we were going to - I am easily distracted....

Not sure why the car, but it was great for decoration...

Every cookery gadget you could think of plus other items....

The other side of the car.   
We bought a ricer which is something I have wanted for ages and some more cognac glasses.

The rest of the expedition will follow tomorrow.  I am tired from lack of sleep, possibly because it has been so hot at night and concentration is not at its best!!!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Diane, I really enjoyed this fun tour! I love seeing all the store fronts and shops, and that store owner looks like a very nice man, and I really like the photo of him and Nigel. And the car adds a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the presentations! :)

    1. Thanks Linda, certainly different having a car in the doorway :-) The Thai owner was a nice man and very happy for me to take photos, not like the bigger supermarkets here where the security gets very angry! Have a good weekend Diane

  2. Looking like your day was full for sure. The Thai store looked like it was really stocked with everything you could want. I like that they have a car in there for decoration! Pretty cool.

    1. It is a fabulous shop and one we have only just discovered as the supermarket where we used to buy Thai paste etc seems to have discontinued the line ! The car in the other shop is something different and as you say cool :-) Diane

  3. There is a substantial Thai population in our area and it is always fun to shop in their stores.

    1. We used to be able to buy Thai ingredients in our local supermarket but not anymore it seems. The Thai market is a fair drive, but if we stock up well we do not have to go very often and they have masses more than we could ever buy locally. Have a great Sunday Diane

  4. I like the first image with the flowers. I love Thai cuisine especially tom yam. It would be wonderful to have the bike with the plants in my garden. Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Thanks Nancy we also love Thai but tom yam is not a dish I know will have to look it up. Have a fabulous day Diane


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