Wednesday, May 1, 2013

01/05/2013 Another new month and a public holiday here in France. A quick walk in the garden.

Maximum temperature 15C but feels like 13C.  Chilly wind blowing.  Lots of thunder around early this morning but only 7mm of rain measured.


  1. Love the first photo , it is amazing ... :-) ,, Yet another holiday in France , ,, no wonder you moved out of here lOL xx

    1. Thanks Anne, I was pretty chuffed with that photo. There are two more public holiday next week which we really do not need, we have too much to do before we leave and we may just have to delay departure! Will be in touch Diane xx

    2. Delay departure ... (hope you are only kidding ) .... Give the public holidays to us in the uk LOL ,, take care ,, not long now xx

    3. Anne I certainly hope not but........ We do not need a fine for tax not being in even if it is not our own fault!! Diane xx


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