Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10/09/2014 Last night's changing sky and a trip to Angouleme. A few photos in the garden.

Maximum temperature 26C. Dry.


  1. Lovely photo from the "Marche Couvert" & thanks for posting all those photos from "La Rochefoucault". I was away for a few days skiing ( yes, skiing in Australia ) so out of internet range....Strange looking bananas, have never seen that type before.I wonder what they taste like?
    We don't import any in Australia, they strongly protect their producers from low prices and disease...
    Finally, congratulations on your contribution to the scavenger hunt, it was very interesting and fun to see what you came up with, what a great way to really make you observe the world around you, but I guess that's the definition of a true photographer...

    1. Hi Isobella, we have been to the blue mountains so yes we know that skiing can be good there. I agree those bananas do look odd but they were also very expensive! Not much gets imported around here in France we find, some of the bigger supermarkets though do bring things in.

      The scavenger hunt was fun, but the welcome to a town or village was impossible around here! It made a change though looking for the different items..

      Glad you liked the photos of La Rochefoucauld, did I manage to get your old house in one of them?

      Take care Diane.


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