Thursday, September 11, 2014

11/09/2014 Nigel had a trip to Chasseneuil, and La Rochefoucauld, plus he did the shopping. I had my back 'fixed' in the afternoon, it has been very painful!

Maximum temperture 24C. Very dry.


  1. Sorry to hear about your back. I hope it is feeling better now. Great photos! Those 'bicycles' are extraordinary! Love the flowers and butterflies :)

    1. Denise the 'back lady' is pretty amazing and she generally works wonders so I am hoping tomorrow I will be feeling good again, thanks. Those bikes are quite amazing, but having looked them up the cheapest model is €5850.00 so not cheap :-) Sorry I have not been visiting but I am still without a computer, I am getting pretty frustrated with the old one I am using which is slower than slow! Keep well Diane


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