Thursday, February 26, 2015

26/02/2015 Continual rain, sometime light, sometimes hard!! A trip to the physiotherapist,all photos taken from the car.

Maximum temperature 10C, minimum 8C, 11 mm rain measured.

For a link to the Church in Les Salles Lavauguyon see HERE


  1. I like the barn with the pigeonnier - it would make a nice home but perhaps a tad expensive to heat! I recall when we lived in the Charente, why did we always meet tractors and the like (and there were A LOT of them) on the narrowest roads?

    1. I agree the narrower the road the more tractors!!!! The house behind this barn looks gigantic, but it is not easy to see and I was parked in the road watching for lights to come up behind me, it was raining quite hard though I did open the window to take this shot. A car always appears when I am alone and want to stop and take a photo! Murphy's law again. Keep well Diane


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