Sunday, March 1, 2015

01/03/2015 Suddenly it is March, yesterday it was Christmas!!!!!! Thought today's photos were going to be inside but the birds at the window came to my rescue.

Maximum temperature 11C, mimimum 10C but a very chilly wind blowing. 
7 mm of rain measured this morning.


  1. 11C and the fire on? You softies! Our fire is on too but it's 5C for a high and icy rain forecast to shift to hail, sleet or snow overnight. Ah the joys of spring. Liking the fridge magnet.

    1. Remember we lived in Africa for 50 years!!! Anything under 20C to us is cold!

      I have about 5 different butterflies that are magnets from R.S.A. I had some very beautiful animal magnets. Sadly I was not allowed to pack anything moving from RSA to the UK and many were stolen; amongst other things. 10 people were packing, 2 each in different rooms so I could not watch what was happening, I think they were saying two for me and one for them. Insurance then wanted to know exactly what was packed in each box!!! How were we supposed to answer that!

      Have a good week and keep warm :-) Diane


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